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Great vision is founded upon
healthy eyes and the right vision correction.

Here are some of the ways we can help you!

Eye Exams

Comprehensive care in a friendly environment.

Medical Eye Care

Discomfort, redness, sudden vision changes, chronic conditions and more.

Contact Lenses

Vision correction, sports enhancement, medical therapy, prosthetics and cosmetics.


Professional frame and lens consultations for children and adults. Adjustments and repairs.

Freedom from Eyewear

Be free of your vision correction, with or without surgery.

Myopia Management

High myopia (nearsightedness) is as much a health issue as a vision problem. Prevention is the best medicine.

Sports Vision

Gain a competitive edge and train your vision for your sport. Amateur or professional, if you have the drive, we can help.

Vision Therapy

When eyewear isn’t the whole answer, headaches, eyestrain and blurry vision may be relieved with vision therapy.


Fuller lashes, whiter eyes, color and prosthetic contact lenses. Elective or medically necessary.


Get whiter, healthier, more comfortable eyes with this in-office eyelid treatment.